Georgia Lottery Sets New Profit Records Amid Chase For Huge Jackpots

Written By Derek Helling on May 18, 2021
GA Lottery Breaks Revenue Record

The best marketing strategy for Georgia Lottery sales continues to be massive jackpots. That’s part of the recipe for success that led to record profits over the first three months of 2021. As the GA Lottery has a strict profit-sharing agreement with the state, the record is good news for many.

The lottery appears on track to shatter its own record for returns to the state in the fiscal year 2021. Although historically large progressive jackpots played their part, other factors contribute to the games’ popularity in Georgia.

Record Georgia Lottery sales driven by historic jackpots

From January through March of this year, the lottery’s sales exceeded expenses by $415.8 million. As a single-quarter record, it strengthens an already record-setting year as well. Through the first three-quarters of FY2021, profit-sharing returns have reached $1.47 billion.

That’s already an increase of about a quarter of a million dollars on the returns for all of FY2020. From July 2019 through June 2020, the lottery dispersed $1.237 million to the state. FY2020 was a record year by this same measurement, as profit-sharing came to $30 million more than FY2019.

FY2021 could set a record for the greatest year-over-year increase in GA Lottery history. What’s been behind the historic lottery ticket sales in Georgia? A combination of historic jackpots and a lack of competition.

Do progressive lotto jackpots attract more players?

Late in 2020, progressive jackpots for Mega Millions and Powerball reached record heights. The roll increases continued into the beginning of 2021. When there are billion-dollar prizes at stake, casual players tend to buy tickets in much greater numbers.

It doesn’t look like the jackpots for either game will reach those heights again before the current fiscal year ends. Therefore, it’s unlikely the final quarter of FY2021 will surpass the performance of the FY 2020 third quarter.

Still, the GA Lottery enjoys some undivided attention. Currently, it’s the only form of legal gambling in the state. While legislation to expand gambling, namely with casinos and online sports betting, is percolating in Atlanta, its fate is uncertain.

While the lottery may continue to thrive even after such expansion would take place, if it does, there’s nothing quite like being the only show in town. Over the past three months, the GA Lottery’s show has gotten rave reviews.

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