Month: December 2021

Highlighting the most remembered Super Bowl halftime shows

Most Memorable Super Bowl Halftimes, 1990s-2000s

Before 1970, Super Bowl halftime shows consisted mostly of marching bands. Although, the Three Stooges performed in the first Super Bowl halftime show in 1967. After 1970, marching bands thinned out and popular entertainment stole the show. Some shows have been controversial and some funny, intentional or otherwise. Some ranked as just plain great. And […]
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The National Football League is putting its name and money behind safe and responsible sports gaming

NFL Tackles Compulsive Gambling with a $6.2 Million Campaign

The NFL is putting its money on responsible gambling with its new $6.2 million campaign focused on sports betting education. There are no legal casinos currently in Georgia, but some hope to see a change in 2022, including lawmakers, Atlanta-based pro sports teams, casino lobbyists, and some gaming companies. These hopes, and some actions; have been […]
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Common Super Bowl Questions In Georgia Answered

FAQs For Super Bowl Newbies In Georgia

So the only thing you know about the Super Bowl is that it’s not a bowl in the sense of a cereal bowl or a dog bowl. But, more than likely, at least you know it’s the biggest football game of the year.  It is much like the World Series of football or the Academy […]
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Georgia Casinos May Begin With Macon Mall

Macon Mall Eyed For Potential Casino Location in Georgia

Casinos are not presently legal in Georgia. Not yet, anyway. However, if casino gambling should ever come to the Peach State, Macon Mayor Lester Miller will be ready. Miller recently made it known he would gladly consider the prospect of a new casino coming to Macon, should the state’s lawmakers make that a possibility. Will […]
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