About PlayGeorgia

PlayGeorgia covers all aspects of legal gambling options in Georgia. We report on currently available gambling such as the Georgia Lottery. We also share the latest news regarding potential gambling expansion in the Peach State, including proposed legislation to authorize sports betting, retail casinos, horse race betting, and other types of gambling. 

What is PlayGeorgia?

PlayGeorgia is an affiliate news site. We are part of the Catena Media network that owns and operates dozens of news sites in the US and elsewhere covering all types of legal gambling. Catena includes many sites that, like PlayGeorgia, focus on covering gambling issues in an individual state. The network’s sites cover gambling stories on the national level, as well. 

As you will find when perusing PlayGeorgia, we focus our coverage on legal gambling. As a result, all of our stories and pages are primarily about legal gambling in the state, including both retail and online options. We do not report on gambling sites that operate in Georgia without a license or legal authorization. Such sites are essentially beyond our area of concern entirely other than when we warn our readers about the risks such sites present.

You may notice links for legal gambling options appearing on our site pages. Those are the result of affiliate partnerships PlayGeorgia has with a number of prominent gambling companies. Note, however, that these companies have no editorial control or input regarding the content that appears at PlayGeorgia. Everything we report regarding legal gambling in Georgia is the result of our independent work.

Note as well that we do not accept promotional requests or advertising contract offers from external sources at PlayGeorgia. We also do not offer ad contracts.

Our mission

Our goal at PlayGeorgia is to provide accurate and comprehensive coverage of Georgia gambling. That includes current legal options such as the state-run lottery and charitable gaming. It also includes the latest efforts of lawmakers and other parties to expand legal gambling in the state such as by legalizing sports betting or introducing retail casinos

We aim to help make the experience of Georgia gamblers better in multiple ways. By providing reliable and thorough coverage of gambling news in the state, we aim to better inform Georgians about available options and any potential changes. We also provide bonus offers for legal gambling options.   

We additionally strive to be a dependable resource for anyone in search of answers about all aspects of Georgia gambling. That goes for Georgians wanting to know more about what’s available to them as well as other media outlets seeking the information as they report on Georgia gambling. 

Who writes for PlayGeorgia?

Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds, although they share experience in both the gambling and journalism fields. Many have reported on gambling-related issues and topics for newspapers, magazines, and websites, on both state and national levels. Additionally, some have worked in the gambling industry in casinos, poker rooms, and/or sportsbooks. Some have had experience with other types of reporting, including on sports, politics, and legal news.

PlayGeorgia contributors also include avid sports fans and sports bettors. Some of us have experience handicapping horse racing, and many are also poker players. In other words, many who write for PlayGeorgia have had first-hand experience with different forms of legal gambling and sometimes draw on that knowledge when writing for the site.

Our process

All of the articles and informational pages on PlayGeorgia are the product of a group of contributors involved in our editorial process. While a given article likely will feature only a single name as the byline, many others were involved, as well.

First, the members of our editorial team work together to decide on story ideas and other information on which to focus. Once our writers begin to research and write, they will very often seek to support their articles with primary information. That means speaking directly to individuals involved in the stories we write. 

For example, for a story about a new sports betting bill, we will often speak directly to the lawmaker who sponsored it. We’ll also consult the original legal documents and seek other sources of relevant information in order to provide the most comprehensive and accurate reporting on all relevant aspects of the story. By following such a process, we are able to abide by a high journalistic standard for our reporting while avoiding questionable sources or sharing gossip and/or hearsay. 

From there, every article undergoes a rigorous review before we publish it. Proofreaders check for any surface-level issues and multiple readers help check facts and provide feedback as we revise the article and prepare it for publication. 

If you encounter any reporting here at PlayGeorgia that you believe contains erroneous information or any other issues, please drop us a line and let us know. We aim to provide accurate and trustworthy reporting at all times at PlayGeorgia and are thus glad to make corrections whenever they are warranted.

Advertising at PlayGeorgia

As noted above, our funding at PlayGeorgia comes from our affiliate relationships with various legal gambling companies and sites. Occasionally our affiliate partners will advertise at PlayGeorgia as part of our agreements with them.

When it comes to advertising at PlayGeorgia, our policy is straightforward. Our affiliate partners have no involvement or input regarding the content at PlayGeorgia. Also, any advertising that appears on the site is clearly identified as such and/or presented in a format that indicates it is advertising (e.g., a banner ad).

Our mission is to provide reliable and accurate information about legal gambling in Georgia. Realizing that goal requires consistently objective reporting on all gambling companies and entities with no exceptions.

Want to join the PlayGeorgia team?

We are always on the lookout for experienced and talented reporters to add to PlayGeorgia. Perhaps you live in Georgia and have special insight into legal gambling in the state. Even if you live elsewhere but have related expertise and an interest in joining us, don’t hesitate to get in touch as we may well have opportunities available. 

If you are interested in writing for PlayGeorgia or any other Catena Media site, send us an email. Feel free as well to check out our careers page to learn about our current needs across the network.

Contact us / media inquiries

The staff at PlayGeorgia is glad to share our knowledge about Georgia gambling, legislative developments affecting legal gambling in the state, and other related topics and issues. For media inquiries, contact Zack Hall, head of media relations at Catena Media. For everything else, email us here.