Nearly 50% Support Legalizing Georgia Sports Betting


Nearly 50% Support Legalizing Georgia Sports Betting

As the General Assembly rolls along in earnest, a recent poll by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution revealed that most residents still support the legalization of Georgia online sports betting. The news outlet of note in the state, you can bet plugged-in political operators are aware of the poll’s findings as lawmakers work to craft legislation during the session.

Most say yes to legal Georgia gambling

The poll found that 48% of the state’s residents support the legalization of sports betting in the Peach State. Around 57% supported the idea when asked this question in 2020.  

A hot topic on the legislative docket, sports gambling measures have failed to reach the finish line in the state so far, costing Georgia millions in estimated tax revenue. The lack of legal gambling in the state has not diminished Georgians’ desire to place wagers. They take their business elsewhere, like Tennessee or offshore online casinos — taking their tax dollars with them. 

It’s an area that gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams made a cornerstone of her campaign in 2022. Still, as Brian Kemp sailed to reelection, it wasn’t enough to send her to the governor’s mansion. 

Legal maneuvering may lead the way

Recent developments, however, seem to bode well for a forthcoming bill — without a constitutional amendment, as required in previous legalization attempts. Some Georgia lawmakers believe that with some legal maneuvering, including tethering a sports gambling bill to the Georgia Lottery, they will not need to tread the arduous and time-consuming path of amending the State Constitution. Ex-Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold D. Melton agrees.

So while Georgians’ support for legal sports betting has faded slightly, a plurality of residents in the state would still like to see its inception. The climate is ripe for change during the 2023 legislative session. With new leadership in each chamber — both of whom have previously supported gambling legalization. It’s yet to be confirmed how the House and Senate will proceed, but it’s clear that Georgians still desire legal gambling options in the state.