Stacey Abrams Drags Gov. Kemp For Opposing Georgia Sports Betting


Stacey Abrams Drags Gov. Kemp For Opposing Georgia Sports Betting

When political campaigns get down to the homestretch, candidates often latch onto unique angles to motivate voters to pull the lever on election day. For gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, that means wading into the sports betting debate.

Abrams is wagering that her pro-legalization stance will sway the voter base — and it also means highlighting Governor Brian Kemp’s opposition to legal sports betting.

Abrams sides with Georgia sports betting

Abrams made her stance clear last month, arguing that it’s time to embrace Georgia sports betting and the tax revenue windfall that accompanies its legalization. Meanwhile, Kemp continues to oppose gambling measures. He noted, however, that he would not stand in the way of a constitutional amendment allowing voters to decide.

It’s a policy difference that Abrams continues to capitalize on in the run-up to election day.

Sports betting ad targets Kemp’s opposition

One quick way to irritate a voter base chock full of Georgia Bulldog fans is let them know that the state of Tennessee is receiving what could be Georgia’s tax dollars. And Abrams did just that.

On Monday, the Abrams camp released an online ad detailing Kemp’s historic opposition to legalized gambling in the state of Georgia.

She highlighted the tax-based SEC tie-in that means Georgia Bulldogs fans’ betting dollars end up going to archrival Tennessee. Tennessee happens to be the closest state to Georgia to allow sports gambling, so many Georgians head that way to enjoy wagering on sports — taking untold amounts of potential state revenue with them.

The ad notes:

“While Georgians still place bets, Kemp is forcing them out of state to do it, taking the tax dollars with them. That means even when Georgia wins the bet, states like Tennessee get the tax money.”

Stacey Abrams Campaign Ad

Abrams eyes sports betting in economic agenda

Abrams’ ad reinforces points she made last month when rolling out her economic agenda for the state, a key portion of which would utilize tax revenue from legal sports gambling to guarantee free technical college, and provide more funding to Georgia’s HOPE scholarship. While the recent legislative session concluded without any movement on legalized Peach State sports betting, hope remains for the coming year. And it’s clearly an area Stacey Abrams is willing to dedicate a significant portion of her gubernatorial platform to.

Polls continue to show Stacey Abrams trailing Governor Kemp, so any avenue to shake up the race and engage voters on issues they’re passionate about is one worth exploring.