5 Friendly Prop Bets For Atlanta Braves Playoff Games

Written By Carter Breazeale on September 23, 2022 - Last Updated on September 26, 2022
Friendly Braves Ballpark Betting

That old, familiar fall anticipation is in the Atlanta air once again. While the Braves round out the regular season and prepare for the playoffs, a palpable, contagious buzz has spread throughout Georgia in anticipation of the team defending its World Series title.

The Braves are a solid lock for postseason play again this year, but you can’t legally bet on the team in-state. While Georgia sports betting remains prohibited, bide your time with some friendly ballpark bets between fans.

Friendly ballpark betting on the Braves

The Braves clinched a playoff spot this week, but their regular season work isn’t quite done. They sit one game behind the New York Mets, who currently lead National League East. By besting the Mets, the Braves could soon secure their fifth consecutive division title.

Once you snag your playoff game tickets and head to Truist Park, grab some game-day grub and find your seat. Then it’s time to come up with some creative ways to win money from your friends.

Friendly wagers are a surefire way to make the most out of postseason baseball. And luckily, PlayGeorgia has you covered. Here are five prop bets to enhance your experience while watching the Atlanta Braves in the playoffs.

How many strikeouts will Spencer Strider have?

Atlanta Braves rookie pitcher Spencer Strider is making a compelling case for NL Rookie of the Year. He recently bolstered those chances with his 200th strikeout – a feat he achieved in fewer innings than any pitcher in MLB history. Indeed, Strider looks like yet another Braves superstar in the making. He’s a precociously poised 23-year-old sporting a prodigious mustache — the final thing you see before he blows a 100 mph fastball right by you.

If you’re in attendance and looking for some additional action in the stands with your buddies, try an over/under on Strider strikeouts in one game. To up the ante even further on this one, try setting the line at 8.

Will a home run be hit over the Chop House?

McCovey Cove. Lansdowne Street. Waveland Avenue. These are the sought-out spots beyond ballparks where MLB power hitters want their baseballs to land. At Truist Park, it’s the Chop House. The moonshots that carry over its deck often make the replay rounds in the evening’s sports coverage. Sitting above the right field concourse, it’s a left-handed hitter’s ideal target – but one that’s not easily achieved.

Study the lineups and place a friendly wager on a home run being hit over the Chop House.

Will the Power Drill win The Home Depot Tool Race?

From the start, the Power Drill has been dealt a daunting hand. It has to compete in the stadium’s traditional Home Depot Tool Race with hardware compatriots far better equipped at sprinting across the outfield. Were it not for the bobbling carpentry bit fashioned to its face, it might enter these competitions on a more level playing field. Be that as it may, the Power Drill refuses to quit – and does its best to avoid the hijinks beset upon it by that wily Homer Bucket.

Take a look to your left, and to your right, then confidently place your wager. This is the game the Power Drill finally gets its due.

Over/under: Double plays turned by the Braves

The Braves had quite an athletic infield tandem with shortstop Dansby Swanson and second baseman Ozzie Albies. After missing much of the season with a fractured foot, Albies finally returned to uproarious applause from the hometown crowd last week, only to suffer a fractured finger the following night, sidelining him for the remainder of the regular season.

It was a bad break for a player who brings so much joy and energy to the infield. With any luck, fans will get to see him during the postseason. Thankfully, the Braves have (yet) another promising young player to slot right in behind him: Vaughn Grissom. And he’s no slouch with the leather either.

Knowing that it will be Grissom’s first MLB playoff experience, how many double plays do you think the Swanson-Grissom duo will turn? Set the line at 2.

Will Manager Brian Snitker be ejected?

While he doesn’t tout the same impressive ejection statistics as Braves legend Bobby Cox, Brian Snitker has been known to get into a face or two. With playoff tensions running high, a gambling fellow would up the odds that a missed strike call or overturned challenge might be enough for the Braves manager to lose his cool.

Do you think Snit might get tossed today?

Create some extra excitement during your next ballpark outing by trying out some of the prop options listed above. Clearly, these suggestions are all in good fun. In a state where gambling is outlawed, it’s important to abide by such guidelines. The law’s still the law, people.

Enjoy the playoffs, and Go Braves.

Photo by Godofredo A. Vasquez/Associated Press

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