Aristocrat Gaming Partners With Skill Master Pro To Bring COAMs To Georgia

Written By T.J. McBride on October 19, 2023
Photo of a new COAM developed by Aristocrat and Skill Master Pro on a story about the new device coming to Georgia.

In Georgia, where no legal gambling exists outside of the Georgia Lottery, there is a lot of activity in the coin operated amusement machine (COAM) industry.

With so few ways to scratch the gambling itch, these machines have become incredibly popular at bars, rest stops and other establishments. These machines have become so commonplace that the COAM market, which made $3 billion in revenue in 2020, brings back a higher revenue return than the Georgia Lottery.

With the new partnership between Aristocrat Gaming and Skill Master Pro, there will soon be even more options for players in the Peach State.

What is a COAM game and how does it differ from slot machines?

Georgia has no commercial casinos that would house slot machines despite sporting more than 10 million residents. Likewise, Georgia online casinos are nonexistent. However, online sweepstakes casinos are legal in the state. They offer prizes that can be exchanged for real money.

Coin operated amusement machines are exactly what the name implies: machines that provide amusement after money – usually in the form of coins – is inserted.

Where these differ from slot machines is the type of winnings.

While some COAM options, such as Class B COAMs, provide winnings that have a monetary value, the winnings are never purely cash. Some winnings come in the form of money for gas at a certain gas station, points that can be used with the Georgia Lottery or prizes. Slot machines provide cash winnings.

Some COAM options might have no type of winnings. That makes them essentially a bar or arcade game where users pay to simply play, like putting quarters into a pool table to play with friends. These are considered Class A COAMs.

Georgia law has provided its own description of what COAMs are.

“Every machine of any kind or character used by the public to provide amusement or entertainment whose operation requires the payment of or the insertion of a coin, bill, other money, token, ticket, card, or similar object and the result of whose operation depends in whole or in part upon the skill of the player, whether or not it affords an award to a successful player.”

Because these COAMs are so popular, more and more gaming-focused companies are adapting its offerings to create its own COAM products just like Aristocrat Gaming is doing.

Details of the new games that will be exclusively distributed in Georgia

This exclusive distribution deal between industry titan Aristocrat Gaming and Georgia COAM distributor Skill Master Pro should be a nice boost to the already thriving COAM industry in the state.

Aristocrat Gaming is a global entertainment creation company known for its slot machine games as well as Class II games for tribal casinos. It has over 7,500 employees working at 20 locations across the globe. To call Aristocrat Gaming a leader in the gaming space would be an understatement.

Skill Master Pro is based in Georgia and has an intimate understanding of the COAM landscape. This new partnership makes Skill Master Pro the exclusive distributor for Aristocrat COAM machines.

Between the two companies, there are six new COAM options available that were developed by Aristocrat Gaming:

  • Bao Zhu Zhao Fu
  • Big Fu Cash Bats
  • Buffalo Gold
  • Midnight Train
  • Mighty Cash
  • Sun & Moon Cash Eclipse

These new offerings will be housed within the MidKnight X cabinet which a new product that is based off the award-winning Helix cabinet.

Aristocrat Gaming is excited to show it can also thrive in the COAM market and senior vice president of sales Kurt Gissane said exactly that in the press release.

“Our distribution partnership with Skill Master Pro to enter the Georgia market demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to growth in emerging segments and our investment in producing the best products for our players. Skill Master Pro’s unparalleled market knowledge and quality experience align with the superior products customers expect from us.”

For Skill Master Pro Chief Executive Officer Adam Foust, this new partnership with Aristocrat Gaming is a big step toward making the COAM market in Georgia even better for players.

“After three decades of being at the forefront of developing the COAM market into the burgeoning industry it is today, we are thrilled to join forces with Aristocrat Gaming on the entertainment and amusement frontier. By channeling years of experience and driving excellence in product innovation, I strongly believe Aristocrat Gaming and Skill Master Pro will elevate the Georgia COAM industry.”

This partnership comes after Konami Gaming and Bravery Gaming making a similar deal

The deal between Konami and Bravery is extremely similar to the deal between Aristocrat and Skill Master Pro.

Konami has a long history of creating console games among other entertainment offerings and now it is making COAM games as well for the Georgia market. To expand its footprint, Konami partnered with Georgia-based Bravery for its distribution and knowledge of the market. This is an exclusive distribution deal just like the Aristocrat and Skill Master Pro deal.

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