Caesars Online Sportsbook Review and Promos

While many states across the US have legalized sports betting since the US Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, Georgia still is not one of them, though it could be moving in that direction.

There was a serious effort to pass sports betting in 2021 with every major pro sports franchise endorsing the idea. The effort failed not for lack of interest, but because it got tied up in political maneuvering. When Republicans did not back a voter reform bill, the Democrats killed the sports betting bill in addition to getting the MLB All-Star Game moved out of Atlanta.

The point remains there is momentum to make sports betting legal in Georgia, it just will take until at least 2022 to do so. When the law does pass, it is highly likely Caesars Sportsbook will do anything it can to get into the state as an operator. So, let’s take a look at how Caesars might get into the Georgia market and what a Caesars GA sports betting app might look like.

The prospect of Caesars Sportsbook in Georgia

There are no casinos in Georgia, but when it comes to regional casinos, Caesars Entertainment is in great shape. Harrah’s Cherokee in North Carolina is a mere three hours from Atlanta, making it the only casino within driving distance of the city.

The property in North Carolina means the company can tap their database of players if and when sports betting launches in Georgia. It cannot guarantee Caesars access into Georgia though. That is the same boat all sportsbook operators are in. With that in mind, Caesars’ regional presence means they are arguably one of the best-placed companies to enter the market.

However, if the failed 2021 Georgia sports betting effort is any indication, Caesars will more than likely access the state via a deal with one of the major sports leagues.

GA sports and Caesars Sportsbook

The group leading the push for sports betting in Georgia was largely spearheaded by the pro teams in Atlanta. The legislation put forth last year suggested at least six online sportsbook licenses. These applicants would not need to partner up in order to get in the state.

Should the 2022 effort incorporate the leagues as licensees as states like Maryland and Arizona have, Caesars has a couple of key partnerships that would be useful.

Caesars is one of three “tri-exclusive” sportsbook partners with the NFL, alongside DraftKings and FanDuel. The company also serves as the NFL’s official casino partner.

In Arizona though, Caesars opted not to partner with the Arizona Cardinals on a sportsbook and will instead be the technology behind the Arizona Diamondbacks’ sports betting license.

What to expect from Caesars Sportsbook

While Caesars does not have the same name recognition as online sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel, at least in the US, the product it delivers is just as good, if not better.

Just like those other entities, Caesars has three ways for users to submit sports bets: its website or an Apple or Android sportsbook app. All three options are similar and make betting on sports easy for newbies, while also providing plenty of choices for seasoned bettors.

Furthermore, Caesars Sportsbook’s app and website are some of the cleanest looking and easiest to navigate sportsbooks we have come across.

If and when sports betting does go live in Georgia, we are pretty sure that some folks will be betting on sports remotely for the first time, so having an option like Caesars that simplifies the process will be great.

Caesars sports betting app pros and cons

Clearly one of our favorite aspects of Caesars is how uncomplicated it is to use, but that’s far from the only thing Caesars has going for it.

Something that Georgians can look forward to is the welcome bonus that Caesars offers new customers. While we can’t say for sure what it will be, we can say that in 2021, in some states, it was a risk-free bet for up to AZ, CO, IN, IA, IL, MI, NJ, TN, VA & WV. Meaning the sportsbook offered you a free bet if your first bet lost, up to the maximum amount.

The number of sports bets available at Caesars also is impressive. It’s commonplace to see over 200 bets available for individual games. And while that number could be slightly lower depending on what types of bets Georgia ends up allowing, we have no doubt that Caesars will offer pretty much everything it is allowed to under state law.

Despite all that, there still are some areas where Caesars could improve, which we hope to see before sports betting is legalized in Georgia.

First up, it does not have a rewards program or loyalty club. This is not that unusual for online sportsbooks, but there are a handful of oddsmakers that do reward bettors based on the amount they wager.

We also are optimistic that Caesars will start offering promotions with lower points of entry. Many of the promos require wagers of $50 or more, and that seems too high for many small-time sports bettors. Even without those changes, we still are convinced that Caesars would be a premier sportsbook in the Peach State.

Betting options at Caesars Sportsbook

Another aspect that Caesars excels at is the variety of sports bet it offers. Caesars wouldn’t be a preeminent sportsbook if it didn’t offer moneylines, point spreads, over/unders, and parlays, but you also can place teasers and round robins.

If any of those terms are completely foreign to you, then this synopsis should help bring you up to speed.

  • When you just want to bet on who you think will win, you’ll bet on the moneyline, which is the odds on each team to win. For instance, odds of -150 mean you have to bet $150 for a chance to win $100, while +150 means a $100 bet would win you $150 if it’s correct.
  • When you want to bet on the margin of victory, you’ll make a point spread Now the team you wager on either needs to win by a certain amount or can only lose by a set number.
  • If you don’t want to worry about which team is going to win, then betting on totals is a great option. These bets, also called over/unders, only care about the combined total score in a game.
  • When you want to bet on multiple things at once, you’ll place either a parlay, teaser, or round robin. Parlays can be for any combination of bets, while teasers are just for point spread betting and allow you to move the line. If you get any of your picks wrong with either bet, you lose the whole wager. Round robins are arranged in such a way that you can get one of your selections wrong and still win some money.

Clearly, this was just a brief rundown of the different types of bets you can place at Caesars. For even more info, Caesars offers a guide to betting on its website.

Caesars promotions

We mentioned that, in 2021, Caesars was rewarding new users with a risk-free bet for as much as AZ, CO, IN, IA, IL, MI, NJ, TN, VA & WV. Its daily promos, however, differ a little from what many online sportsbooks have to offer.

We like to think of the Caesars promotions as win-win bonuses. To claim them, you usually have to win your initial bet for a certain amount ($25, $50 or $100 is standard). Then, if the bet wins, in addition to your winnings, you receive a free bet that is determined by something that happened in the game.

It could be how many points a specific player scored or the longest touchdown scored by the team in question or how many points your team scored overall or in a half. Whatever the case, it will be clearly outlined on the promotions page.

The downside of these types of promos is if your initial bet loses, you have nothing to show for it. The upside is that if you win, the bonuses tend to be a lot bigger than what other sportsbooks tend to offer.