Editorial Guidelines

PlayGeorgia reports on all aspects of legal gambling in Georgia, covering currently permitted gambling options as well as potential new forms of gambling that may become legal in the future. Our editorial approach is to provide objective and accurate reporting without bias on all aspects of Georgia gambling.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time online well knows there is often a lot of incorrect or outdated information out there. Particularly when it comes to gambling-related topics, there are many sites purporting to inform while failing to adhere to any real journalistic standards.

At PlayGeorgia, we strive to offer consistently credible, up-to-date reporting for those seeking information about Georgia gambling. In order to do that, we follow certain editorial guidelines and aim to provide trustworthy and reliable information.

Our procedures for editorial review at PlayGeorgia

Members of the PlayGeorgia staff come from a variety of backgrounds, though all share an extensive journalistic experience as well as knowledge of the gambling industry. Through years of reporting, they have not only developed expertise about gambling-related topics but also have a range of contacts and sources within the industry to call upon when needed.

We consistently seek firsthand information to support the reporting that appears in every article and on every informational page at PlayGeorgia. We talk to figures within the industry, as well as lawmakers, regulators, and others involved with the stories we write. We also routinely consult and cite primary documents such as those from the Georgia Lottery Corp., the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives, the Georgia governor’s office, professional sports franchises, gambling companies, and others.

By seeking primary sources of information in this way, we are able to independently verify our reporting rather than simply share information already reported elsewhere. Even if we report on topics or issues that other outlets also cover, we aim to make our reporting original and authoritative. You can count on PlayGeorgia to provide well-sourced, verifiable reporting that other outlets can confidently cite.

PlayGeorgia’s legal and ethical standards

PlayGeorgia is one of many sites that belong to the Catena Media network. On this site, we cover legal and regulated gambling in Georgia. Other network sites cover gambling-related matters in other states, and we also have sites that report on various aspects of the industry from a national perspective. 

We not only report on legal gambling options in Georgia but also on legislative news regarding potential gambling expansion and other possible changes to the state’s gambling laws and regulations. As a result, we share a great deal of information clarifying what is legal when it comes to gambling in Georgia and what is not.

Our focus on legal gambling in Georgia informs the ethical approach we take to our reporting. We oppose all illegal gambling, including gambling websites located outside of the state that invites Georgians to gamble without having the legal authorization to do so. We advise those in Georgia to avoid such illegal sites, and whenever we mention them, we will note the considerable risks they present.

Our affiliate partnerships at PlayGeorgia are exclusive with legal gambling entities that comply with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which they operate. We have no relationships with illicit or unregulated sites, including offshore gambling sites and sportsbooks that illegally accept users from Georgia. You will not find any promotion of illegal gambling websites or networks at PlayGeorgia. If we do report on such sites and/or their operators, it will only be in the context of sharing news about arrests, indictments, penalties, and risks.

Additionally, PlayGeorgia is committed to promoting responsible gambling and informing our readers about how to enjoy gambling without falling into the many potential pitfalls it can introduce. We additionally seek to educate readers about problem gambling and how to prevent and treat it. 

How we ensure factual accuracy

All articles and informational pages at PlayGeorgia have received multiple reviews from PlayGeorgia staff members. We proofread articles for surface-level issues like spelling and grammar. We fact-check every article for accuracy prior to publishing and additionally review each one for tone and clarity.

In other words, you can assume any article or informational page you encounter at PlayGeorgia has undergone rigorous vetting by people with experience in both journalism and gambling.

Our process for making corrections

While we have a careful system in place for eliminating errors and ensuring factual accuracy, we are human, which means it is possible a mistake or inaccuracy might appear occasionally. Also, while we endeavor to keep all of our informational pages about Georgia gambling current, a recent event or development might cause an item to become briefly out-of-date until we are able to make the necessary changes. 

If you notice anything at PlayGeorgia that appears in need of correcting, please drop us a line to let us know.

Partnerships and conflicts of interest

As noted, PlayGeorgia has affiliate partnerships with several notable gambling companies. Via those partnerships, we may be able to offer readers bonuses and promotions from these companies, and on occasion, these offers are exclusive to PlayGeorgia

In other words, we do not solicit advertising or allow any company to promote its products by purchasing ad space. We are especially judicious when forming affiliate partnerships, and among our criteria is a commitment to work only with legal and authorized gambling entities.

However, our affiliate partners have no influence on the content that appears at PlayGeorgia. Both the stories we choose to report and our approach to doing so are solely the results of decisions by the PlayGeorgia staff. Our resolution to provide independent, reliable and objective reporting on Georgia gambling means we accept no outside editorial input either from our affiliate partners or anyone else.

Our advertising policy at PlayGeorgia

While we appreciate the interest from those wishing to advertise on PlayGeorgia, as stated above all of our advertising comes from affiliate partnerships. As a result, we do not accept advertising offers from any other outside sources here at PlayGeorgia. We also do not offer advertising contracts. 

Give us your feedback

PlayGeorgia aims to be your go-to resource for information about gambling in Georgia. We hope you bookmark the site and return frequently for news updates and other developments concerning legal gambling options in the Peach State.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any feedback, advice, suggestions, recommendations or corrections. If you find yourself seeking information about Georgia gambling and aren’t able to find it here, let us know that, as well. You can reach us by email here